Position Define Your Purpose
Content Connect With People
Crisis Solve problems
Your brand is the sum of its stories ®

StoryCode is a strategic communications firm and content studio in London.

We specialize in storytelling.

The Magazine

We position brands, create content and help manage crises. We bring strategic thinking, journalistic rigour and creative flair.

Positioning Create compelling brand narratives
Content Elevate your brand with great stories
Crisis Solve problems and protect your business
Media Work with journalists and influencers
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Discover our Story Workshop

A science-based journey into the world of factual storytelling. Each workshop is themed around an iconic story.


“Another outstanding session.”

Paul Abrahams Head of Global Corporate Communication, Relx Group plc

“I left with a page of both external and internal stories ready to put into action.”

Sophie Ronald Communications Executive, TokioMarineKiln

“Professional, thought-provoking and funny! I am feeling very inspired.”

Jim Cookson Director, Ashridge Business School