As she slowly drew nigh, from my lofty perch at the foremast-head, I had a good view of that sight so remarkable in the far ocean fisheries- a whaler at sea, and long absent from home. As if the waves had been fullers, this craft was bleached like the skeleton of a stranded walrus.
Moby Dick was published in 1851. Some stories are unforgettable but why?

Storytelling for Leaders unlocks the secret of how to tell exceptional stories.

  • Explore the rapidly evolving world of story science
  • Discover the universal code underlying memorable stories
  • Move people to action with powerful factual stories
A science-based journey into the world of storytelling.

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Storytelling for Leaders helps you incorporate compelling factual stories into your speeches and presentations. You will explore the latest scientific research to understand why people tell stories, decode Moby Dick to discover the universal source code of story and acquire a practical storytelling toolkit. You will learn how to:

  • Structure stories and create characters
  • Communicate with theory, data and stories
  • Generate a consistent flow of good story ideas

The day includes a live psychology experiment, classic movie clips and a storyboard exercise.

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Laura Peek was a Staff Reporter at The Times and Daily Mail. Her brief included news, investigations and colour stories and she reported from the US, Egypt, Greece and Iraq. She worked at a FTSE 100 technology business and a Silicon Valley PR agency before founding StoryCode in 2009. Laura has facilitated story workshops for 11 years.

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“Captivating! Very well presented and very topical and up to date.”
Phil Anderson, Business Development, Ashridge Business School

“An outstanding workshop that enabled us to get out of the day-to-day flow and stop to think about how we might use stories to become better leaders.”
Stuart Pickering, Strength & Conditioning technical Lead, English Institute of Sport

“Unusually interesting workshop.”
Stephan Salenius, Senior Medical Adviser, Lundbeck

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Upcoming Book: Law For Content Creators